I've been having this problem for months now and it's really bugging me. Whenever I load up the computer, I get the Floppy disk fail (40) error. I go into BIOS to disable. However, I still get the error on startup.

So I go into the Device Manager and disable the floppy drive. However, at startup, I still get this error message and I am out of ideas on what to do.

Can someone help?

Hey Furik,
I did a quick google search on your error and i found out that the Floppy disk fail (40) error usually comes from three things:

1. Floppy not connected properly
2. Bad Cable
3. Bad Floppy Drive

Make sure the cable is connected properly. If you see the light on the floppy drive always on that means the cable is bad, or last but not least the floopy drive is bad. Good Luck and let us know of your outcome :)

Yes, it seemed as if my floppy drive wasn't connected. Now it is but I still get the error. The green light IS indeed on.. so that means it's a bad cable? Is there a way I can actually uninstall the floppy drive from the computer itself? Like take out the drive?