Windows will not start after installing nVidia 15.17 drivers
I am running a q6600 on an EVGA 122-CK-NF68 mobo with OCZ SLI pc2 8500 ram running WINDOWS XP PRO 32-BIT. Powered by an Antec SLI True Power Trio.

Everything was fine until I installed the 15.17 nvidia nforce drivers. I rebooted and saw the Windows splash screen, but then windows would not start.

When I use F8 to get into safe mode, or enable vga or disable automatic restart upon system failure, my keyboard and mouse do not respond; I can not get into windows to restore the system.

I have access to the drive by using it as a secondary drive. If I knew which driver was causing the problem, I could delete it or replace it. That is, if it is a driver. This is the readme from the 15.17 package

This WinXP 32-bit nForce UDA driver package for CK804, MCP51, MCP55, MCP61, MCP65, MCP67M, MCP68, MCP73 consists of the following components:

Ethernet Driver (v67.80) WHQL
Network Management Tools (v67.81) "Sedona"
SATAIDE Driver (v10.3.0.21) WHQL
SATARAID Driver (v10.3.0.21) WHQL
RAIDTOOL Application (v10.3.0.21)
SMU Driver (v1.45) WHQL
SMBus Driver (v4.64) WHQL
Installer (v5.99)

I can not start windows and my keyboard and mouse do not function when in safe mode. How can I remove the items installed by the 15.17 package?

Using Windows CD to repair worked. Install > F8 "I Agree" > R for repair.

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