The windows folder in c: is not visible in my computer... it opens through run.. its not visible while trying to go through my computer or explorer.. when i checked the properties for the windows folder.. it shows that hidden is checked.. but it doesn't allow me to remove the check mark from hidden.. I tried scanning using an updated avira.. didn't detect any viruses so uninstalled it and installed mcafee updated it and scanned.. still no virus detected.. scanned using updated spybot.. no spyware found..

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Firstly, George, remove one [your choice] of those resident AV services... one is alll you should be running cos of conflicts.
Next, go Start, Run, type cmd, and OK it, paste this into the window at the prompt, and press Enter:

attrib -h C:\Windows /s /d

-and close the window.
By the way, it is another personal choice, but to see hidden files etc you must make the selection in Tools > Folder Options > View tab.


i have only one antivirus installed.. i can see all other hidden folders but im not able to see the windows folder.. i tried the command mentioned above "attrib -h C:\Windows /s /d".. its showing me "not resetting system file - C:\windows"...


Go for attribute changer software.... and make the option hidden for windows folder unchecked....


try this one
go to command prompt and run this command on c prompt
c:\>attrib -s -h /d /s

wait for a few min.
all the hidden folders will appear automaticaly.

Vikas Yadav


.. see this bit: "not resetting system file - C:\windows"... it wants you to remove the system attribute first [or as well...], so..

attrib -s -h C:\Windows /s /d

...which is just a slightly more targetted command than that of Vikas - his would show you files which, normally, you just don't want accidental access to.


i tried the command mentioned above.. still no go.. can u please name any attribute changing softwares??


Attribute changer software comes from Romain's software.... google it out...


Thanks for all the help that u guys provided..

I have finally found out the problem.. It seems that the new version of QUICK TIME 7.4 that i installed was causing this problem. as soon as in uninstalled quick time my windows folder was visible again..

Whenever I installed quick time i also got a small box at the top left corner of the screen stating that "PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" without any title bar.. it was almost impossible to close this window. I even tried closing it through task manager..This window was visible in safe mode as well.

It seems that the quick time software that i downloaded might have been corrupted by some spyware which was causing this issue..

Thanks for all ur help again..

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