I recently got a copy of ReCycle 2.1 from a friend and when we installed it at the time I put in random gibberish for the name and organization fields. When I tried to reinstall it later these fields remained..

I'm really OCD when it comes to this sort of thing, and I was trying to figure out where exactly in the registry this is logged. These are not the default name and organization of my computer btw, I know how to change these.
They are stored there specifically for this version of this program.
When I reinstalled my own copy of ReCycle 2.0 later, my proper fields remained from my previous installation. So this is specific to 2.1 only. I checked all the registry entries under Propellerhead and could not find anything. Nothing I tried to change works.. it's now permanently lodged somewhere..

Any ideas?

Big thanks,

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Forget about trawling through registry for that... in IE go to Tools > Internet options > Content > AutoComplete, and hit " Clear forms ".


Thank you for your response,

Maybe I was not clear enough. The name and organization fields are the fields you see when you press Help -> About in the program. These are fields that you are normally prompted to enter once you register the program on installation.

The problem is that I was prompted to enter them once, and now I do not know how to change them. Re-installing the program does not help, as I am no longer prompted to enter the fields.


try unistalling the program ,then make sure it never left a folder in program files on the harddrive .if so delete it ,then run ccleaner to remove dead registry entries ,run the registry scan 2 or 3 time to make sure all is gone .then try reinstall,might help might not

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