Hello everyone I used to have a DaniWeb account a long time ago but can't remember the old login or email address I used but anyway i'm glad i'm back and i miss everyone here. Hugs to all the computer techies!!

ok ok ok.. uhm, uhm,...

At work we have a Active Directory environment - Windows Server 2003 and pc's are XP regular - AD domain - etc etc.

in the past I used to just ping a host name get IP make sure it's on the network then I would go to my Start>Run> \\\c$

And vwalla - i can view and have full control a collegues pc! I work in the Help desk of my company - and so my account is a member of a group that is a member of each local admininistrator group.

if a log on dialogue box appears sometimes i just key in \\\administrator and the local admin pw.

How do I protect my own computer from someone doing this to me? Or can I suggest to the Administrators to do some policy that they can enforce to protect everyone's pc from someone like me.

Have you admins put the people that need admin rights and RDP rights into the remote group and admin group. Then make sure that no one else is in the RDP group and it should be secure.

oh wait you are talking about looking at the admin shares. The only people that can view that share have to have admin rights on the box. More then likely you may not have rights to change who is in your local admin group. If you do you can remove or add whoever you would like to that goup, but my guess is that it is all controlled through AD.