We have a system with Windows 2000 Professional, and we are trying to hook up a JEMS external hard drive to the computer. It is all hooked up through a PCI card, and the hard drive is on, and the fans are running.

The computer recognized that hardware had been added when I restarted. It stated that there was a "PCI Device" that needed to be installed. I have no idea what needs to be installed for this hard drive. Does the PCI card itself need some type of driver, or do the hard drives need some sort of driver? And where can I find drivers for an external JEMS hard drive? The only numbers I could find on the hard drive were "JDU-05434." If anyone could help, it would be muchly appreciated. Thanks!


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When it said a device needed to be install did you go through the steps and let it search c:\ for drivers for the pci device .its the card that it looking for drivers for I would think.
Is the drive new and PCI device new . [is the pci device A Firewire device] ,if so you should have gotten a cd or floppy with drivers

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