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Click the Start button, then the arrow in the lower right corner of the menu. I don't have a laptop but on a PC that arrow shows a menu that says reboot. See the circle in the attached bitmap picture

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To reboot (or restart) your PC, do just as you would to shut it down, except select restart rather than shut down. If your computer has frozen (locked up) and you cannot get it to do anything, hold the power button in for a count of 5. That will shut it down and you can power it back up normally.

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good info, to bad you weren't around in aug 08, when poster asked the question .lol

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Good catch

hey click on the start > there's a small arrow(pointing RIGHT) in the left bottom > click it and u will get ALL the Power House Options there at your Click(sleep,hibernate,shut down,RESTART,....)


i have acer laptop but it has password i did not logon and i dont have acer cd to reboot my laptop so tell me what i do to reboot or dalet the password.

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