I am using Windows Xp and a dial-up connection.

Having removed kazaa and Perfectnav and running adavare, sybot etc. I can no longer connect to the internet. When I press the connect button I get a busy tone and it just keeps dialing over and over again, never connecting, or a message saying unable to make connection.

Can anyone help me fix this PLEASE?????

Thanks in advance!!!

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I would try deleting the connection, restart the machine, and then setup the connection again. Does your dial-up connection require some adware to be installed? ie: netzero.


Sorry for the double post, hit the wrong button.

Did you use kazaabegone to get rid of Kazaa? If so, LSPFIX may help repair your connection (it might work even if you didn't use kazaabegone). But if you can't connect you'll have to download it on another computer and transfer it to yours. You can download it from http://www.computercops.biz/downloads-file-334.html

If you haven't used kazzaabegone yet, you should, to make sure all traces have been removed. You can get it here:

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