Any one know why the computer is drasticlly slowed down after installing SP2 on a dell computer? I have 2.6gig and a 1.8 gig. The 2.6 got SP2 first, and the 1.8 would boot faster. Now they boot at about the same speed.

Have you adjusted the settings up correctly? as i had the same problem when i first installed the SP2 but after i adjusted the settings it now works a dream..

The reason why its so bad is it blocks everything unless you tell it otherwise

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You can go under the firewall settings and click on the "exceptions" tab to select what programs SP2 should leave alone, also I heard SP2 will work better if you reformat, then put SP2 on before you install anything else.
(Don't know how credible that is, but it makes sense)

If you're referring to Windows XP Service Pack 2...I downloaded this a few weeks ago, and my computer did not accept it gracefully. It not only slowed my computer down, but it created many other problems. When I called Hewlitt Packard, they told me that SP2 had "problems" and should not be installed until the corrections were made. They also had me do a complete system destructive recovery in order to get my PC working normally again.

I am now very wary of downloading any updates from Microsoft.

Craig P.

Yes I think that I'm going to just uninstall it until all of the major problems can be fixed.

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The major problems that need to be fixed are really on your PC, not in the Service Pack.

Make sure your PC is completely free of virusses and spyware before installing SP2. Remove or disable any of the silly proprietary 'reporting' tools that Dell, HP and the like install on your system, or at least check their website for updated versions. Those things are often 'badly behaved software', and have caused problems with SP2.

Ideally, installing the Service Pack is the best time to back up your data, format and install fresh. As SP2 replaces almost all the files which make up Windows, it should really be treated as an OS replacement rather than as a petty update.