Well we bought a new Dell laptop, had the geek squad at Best buy do thier optimization,spyware,anti virus install.

But I can't figure out how to start my web cam, get it to hook up to my dial up service.

I use MSN dial up, but I don't have a new CD to start the laptop with to get it to talk to MSN.

I also can't seem to find my web cam option, and every time I linger over an icon in the start menu it automaticly puts an icon on my desk top that I don't want.

I should point out that I am new to Vista, and laptops!!!

First I need to get it to run my dial up service, will MSN allow me to use several PC's on one account??

How can I get the laptop to down load MSN's software to run the dialup service?

Thanks, Benny

Your ISP should be able to send you a cd if you don't have the software. You could also download it from another pc and save it to a cd or pen drive to use on your pc. Generally dial up ISP's only allow you to log in on one computer at a time. If you have a cam problem after installing MSN dialup post back.