HI Guys
I have a problem with a user's GFX card. In a nutshell. When I start the computer in normall mode and go to the computer management I see a the yellow exclamation mark on the GFX card.When i go to the Propeties of the card I get a error saying: cannot start ... [something] with a error code 10. But when I start the machine in safe mode it shows all well in comp management. I properties it and I can change the settings. i know Its a simple one but cant seem to find the bug.I tried reinstalling drivers to no avail.
-Gfx card -ati radeo 9800 st
-OS- Winxp_pro_sp2

Any suggestions??:-/

Thanks in advance


In safe mode, Windows will not use the Radeon drivers, it will use generic SVGA driver instead.

Open ADd/Remove Programs control panel, and search for the ATI Radeon Driver in list and uninstall it. Reboot.
Then goto AMD's ATI driver page and download the Radeon 9800 driver for XP and install it.

Hey Pj

Thanks for reply. You see like I said I've uninstalled the drivers and installed it back onto to the system ffrom the original cd. Still cant seem to work. :)
The part where you say it loads the generic drivers makes sense. Ill still try you're advice by downloading another set of drivers t ogive it a shot. Wont harm to try.

Cheers for now and thanks once again :)

So I downloaded the new files and to no suprise It didnt work. Now Im a little confuse...Can it be the GFX itself?
Any other suggestions?Im willing to try any suggestions


What error messages are you getting? Does it finish installing?
Have you got Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed (its required by most ATI drivers)?

The driver installs without any errors. Im let to believe its not the drivers but something else. Maby a service or something. But then again Ive reinstalled XP [complete] The error massage reads Cant start the service...error code 10.