somehow my google home page has changed, where i use to type in my question had 2 boxes at the bottom with search the web or search australia only and this is very handy for me, and i would like to get it back

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thankyou for the answer and yes i have tried that via control panel internet options and no matter what i put in as default home page, google or yahoo, or msn. it straight away reverts back to searchsave. Searchsave must have put something in there that i cant find, i have put searchsave in search on the start menu and it comes up blank, so i dont no what to do


Try this:

In the Internet Options control panel, go to the Advanced tab and then click on Reset to return IE to its original state and disabling toolbars and add-ons.

Check that Searchsave is no longer your homepage and then go back into the Internet Options and change your homepage back to Google.


I agree with Oly. I would say along with Laser's suggestion to disable toolbars and add-ons, go to Add/Remove Programs and try to find this "Searchsave" (or the program it came with) and remove it.

Also as an extra measure go into your root directory (e.g. usually C: on Windows) and find the folder in which the program was installed and delete that too. On XP this would be C:\Program Files\Searchsave, for instance.

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