I have a pretty good computer. While online and watching video. The PC suddenly restart. This happens once in a while. I use Win XP Pro, SP2. Have latest ZoneAlarm Pro, Norton Antivirus, SpySweeper, AdWare, AVG, Roboform.

I tried to unplug unused hardware like modem and usd ports. And still have the problem.

Could this be my video card? power supply? motherboard?

Does anyone have this problem before? How did you fix it? Don't tell me to buy a new PC..... hehehe

Thanks everyone!

My friend had the same problem so she changed everying on the pc, but the only problem at the end was the power supply!

Usually find a failing power supply or a cpu fan that is dirty or dying.
Check your cmos settings for temperature warnings and shutdown temp.
Possibly set it to not return to previous state and to shut down.
That way if it is the problem it will shut off and not reboot. Just one way to identify if that is the problem

I have the same problm..
i have dh55tc motherBoard and intel core i 5, 4gb RAM ..its since 2days m facin tis problem....
Can any1 help?