I have a 1 year old HP DV6500 laptop with Vista premium. No issues until several weeks ago. May be related to updates since it just started occuring? When laptop goes into hibernation/sleep by itself and is pulled out of this mode the following occurs (manually putting into sleep appears to work OK).

First thing noticed was wireless internet access goes into Local Access Only. Can only get to work by turning off unit with power switch and restarting using power switch. Restarting without power shutdown locks up the unit, hard drive working but nothing happens, and nothing works. Appears to be in a loop (explore.exe issue?).

Since it works fine after power on startup, I suspect a security issue in networking upon coming out of suspension or something to do with explore.exe.

Any ideas on what to try to fix? Problem is annoying. Shouldn't have to shutdown with power key and turn back on to fix problem.

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I would recommend that you make sure Vista is up to date and get the latest drivers from HP. If your laptop is a year old, it probably has some of the earlier flakey Vista drivers.

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