Hii to alll my new friendss..
Hii I am Laiju.C.Babu. I am working as system administrator. I am new to this webiste and new to the field..
Problem which im facing currently is i have windows 2003 server on that servers error code 333 is showing. PLzz help me out in this situation..

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The following is copied from an earlier Daniweb posting, see if it helps you.

We had a similar problem yesterday - just the ID333 part anyway.

Try running task manager looking at processes with 'handles' selected to view (click on the view tab & tick the 'handles' box.

We found two processes in there that were building up to many 10s of thousands of handles - when I looked the names up on google one of them came out as a trojan (not found by AV). We stopped the process & it came right back, so I did a search for the file & changed its .exe to .xxx then killed the process again & it stayed dead.

Also if you look in Performance I bet you'll find that the counter which shows Kernel memory is slowly counting up - when that gets high enough the error 333 kicks off because there isnt enough memory left for the system to read & write.

Once we were happy that every thing was still running OK we did a search through the registry for the file names - they all appeared together in one key - and we deleted those keys (made a backup first).

Touch wood the server has now been running for about 30 hours!

Hope this helps"

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