O.S win 98. What the heck is Iexplore? When I try to connect on-line through internet explorer a error message says " Iexplore has caused an invalid page fault in module kernel dll ............................"

The only way I can log on is to go to internet options. Click on connections ( when it doesnt bind up). Remove dial-up number from connections, shut down, restart and start over with Internet wizard and enter dial-up number again.

I cannot open "dial-up networking" under my computer, it just wont let me open up icon.

What kind of miserable bug is this??

thank you

That file is Internet Explorer. Just have a look at it! :D

Sounds like your net connection is corrupted. Try deleting it then recreating it again.

Scanning your system for spyware, diallers and other nasties would be a good idea as well.

If you installed Windows on top of Windows, guess what... You need to install Windows again. It sometimes badly screws up DUN. (Dial Up Networking.)

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