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from the minute the pc starts up hit F8 repeatedly. choose safe mode. Login as "administrator" (usually no password) and remove the password on your main account. reboot afterward into normal mode.


I'm good at doing that work (No proud intended), I have done to many, but can't disclose here because I'm not sure if you are genuine user and owner or just want to crack into another's machine!
Sorry I cannot help for that reason!


Cracking password is illegal !!!

Unless the owner forgot password and can't format for sake of data, or it is your computer that you have forgotten password! It is like drugs, when used for treatment are legal otherwise illegal!


yow nothing is illegal these days =)

Dude Use Google

if you have guest mode on ..

start \\ cmd \\ and write

net user USERNAME *

Example: net user drnet *
and press enter and u`ll get this

C:\Users\DrNet>net user drnet *
Type a password for the user:
Retype the password to confirm:
The command completed successfully.

Enjoy :)

LebaneseTeam Crew

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wy sis doesnt allow me 2 use d comp she put a password so wat 2 do

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Do you have any idea just how ridiculous you sound?

yow nothing is illegal these days =)

Ah! a relativist right? If your assumption is true what does word illegal means?
Where did the laws go?

I propose that is your imagination. In real world, illegal things exist and you know what, if you don't believe me POST A LINK TO WAREZ SITE HERE. The mods will DeLeTe it. why? because illegal things (including warez stuffs) exists.


Hey, listen, my father will let me install some files, and just to do that. I will only keep it like that for 1 hour. That's not illegal!!!!


Can you please send me that in pm? My brother had done this before if i have put the password (He hacked the password) but i dont know how to do this and he has put the password on the computer (Just because he sayd that i am getting on his nervs) so he just put the password on.

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