Alright I cant figure this one out and need help.

I am working on a computer that when you turn on it comes up all you have to choose is

safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode command prompt
last known good configuration.
start windows normally

After that anything you click automatically restarts. I figured a restore would work. They gave me the discs and I restored, but it's still not working.

Anyone have a solution?

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when you say restore do you mean a factory restore or windows repair.

What were you doing on the pc before the problem?

I did a complete factory restore and I couldnt tell you its not mine

Are there any PCI cards in there.

Can you take them all out and then try to boot, if it does boot then put them back in one at a time until you find the bad card

Took all PCI cards out still no go.

sounds like there is a windows start up file or .exe missing. I presume it is the genuine factory restore for that PC so all files should be on the cd.
Could it be a hard drive fault where the file has been copied to a bad sector and can't be read during start up.

well I tested the hard drive on another pc and it worked fine, but idk what hardwares messed up with it

can you try the hard drive in the other pc again as a slave and run chkdsk/f or/r.

you can run check disk from my computer also. Open my computer, right click the drive and select properties. Move to the tools tab and there is an error checking option. Click check now and ensure both tick boxes are ticked and click start, this will tell you if there are any bad sectors.

Did everything and the drive looks fine and still getting an error

Can you get into safe mode? If so, do this:
start/control panel/admin tools/event viewer/applications
do you see anything with a red ! sign?
click and read it.
Most likely it's a hardware problem, could be memory, hard drive, cd rom ect......
It's very unlikely that it's a software problem.

Before it reboots does it show the black screen with the windows logo?
When at the screen for safe mode is there an option to suspend automatic restarts (might only be with sp2), if there is can you select this and then see if it shows a blue screen of death with an error message. If the option to suspent restarts is not there you can install xp on another partition and disable restarts from the regedit.

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