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Print and scan drivers are different, I know that a lot of HPs printers just have one big file that does it all, but look into installing the print and scan drivers separately.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I have already tried this. I received a message from HP advising me that not all features have been incorporated into Vista. I just wondered if anyone knew when and if HP will come up with a new driver download that will work with Vista using my HP printer 2210.


Ah, I remember that little email from HP.

The handful of times I've had to deal with them about this, there was never a timeline for the functionality to be added. Sometimes they do have another product that has a compatible driver that works (don't ask why they don't just release the same driver for both products). But I'm not holding my breath for them to actually release the drivers. Vista is going to be replaced by windows 7 in 18 months, and we all remember how great the driver support was for "legacy" products in vista.

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