Hi all com experts here!
I severely need your help! I haven't use my admin account for a long time and has forgotten my admin's password. For security purpose, I normally use limited account. Now, I couldn't install software for my computer!!!
I tried using net user admin * command. Type in the password. But the cmd shows me "system error 5 has occurred" and " access is denied". Can anyone please help me???
I don't want to reinstall window or format the drive as there are impt. documents there. Please help me!!! :(

I would like to thank all those who would help me!

We would love to help you get the admin password.
Please send a copy of your receipts for your operating system to prove that you are the registered owner and we will tell you how to bypass the password.
Until then, we do not know that you are not trying to access your bosses PC or realy do need help to access your own PC.