any one can help me,, my computer wont start it just beep and beeps,, it started when i installed super antispyware then i scanned for virus and other, when its done scanning the application requirs for rebooting,, and when its rebooted it just beeps after 1 or 2 seconds beeps again,, again and again...... help me please........thanks...

Bleeping from the motherboard usually means some kind of memory problem and hardware problems in general and is not usually caused by installing software as far as I know.

Check that your ram is slotted in properly and all cards are also slotted in properly.

Check the harddrive that your booting from in a different machine, see if it will boot.

There are documents online that say what your particular combination of bleeps mean according to which motherboard you are on. Might be worth a look.

Maybe the virus scan (or the virus) has managed to change some bios settings or something but im pretty sure the computer would at least start to boot and display a booting error.