HI i just build a comp coustom parts and i get this error i have no idea why it worked before then the mother board fried so i had to get it replace then i connected everything again and i got this error... ok i know i should check connections but what connections should i check what does this error mean ??? PLease if u have any sugestions help

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The BIOS settings of your new motherboard are probably not the same as the old one. Try this: Enter setup and disable Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI), save and reboot.


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You almost always need to reinstall windows (repair usually works too) after changing a motherboard. After that, reinstall the motherboard drivers for the new board,

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i formated my HD and reinstalled windoes vista i have a P7N SLI Platinum and it solved the 0x0000007B errror but now im getting a 0X0000007E error but no driveres are installed. it did this right when it booted at the vista loading screen. it is vista ulitmate x64

boot into safe mode and see if it does it

it did the same thing what does that mean ???? is it incompatible with vista cause i checked and it said it was compatible

Safe mode only loads the core microsoft windows drivers. If its vista compatibile. then that means it should aught to work..

Is it compatible with 64 bit vista though?

i have no idea the web site doesnt say 64 bit but i see other fourms that say it works with 64 bit vista ulitmate

wait nm i figured out it supports vista 64bit

any one can help me please sumbit advice

bad board?

Due to this error i burned a full 14 hours trying to install windows 7 ult-x64 to no avail, even winxp x86 would not install and even after changing my drives (in bios from "AHCI" to IDE Compatibility or even to Enhanced both did not work to boot my pc, i use mirroring i have 4 drives totalling 4TB 2TB is mirrored and they are of course dynamic and not basic, and right now they are stuck in dynamic mode and this is the issue why windows won't install right now, iam looking for a bootable cd image that formats a locked dynamic drive that will do it and i know it then i can then for sure installl my fav win7-ult-x64 once again,.,,!

BTW AHCI is a drive MODE and compatibility and enhanced are RUN AS options not as some have stated differently... Peace!

Re: HELP!!!! 0x0000007B error on PC

i ran into same problem and chainging BIOS option from AHCI to ATA done solve the problem on windows 7 and dell laptop corei3

Had the same problem with the AHCI when I installed Windows 7 on my machine, not an obvious problem to fix

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