Is it ok to shut down the pc having Windows XP home edi midway through updates? I hope when one does so the update that have been downloaded till the shut down is ordered are installed and only the remaining ones are downloaded when it is booted up again. Please guide me as this is very annoying on a slow internet connection. Thanks...

not really, it could lead to problems

if you have a slow interet connection just go to microsoft update its easier

Hey, jbennet. sorry mate I have to correct you a little bit here. windows update on dialup takes 94 hours. without any dropouts.

I think what they are asking is can they turn off the PC while the pc is DOWNLOADING updates - this is fine. if you have automatic updates on it will resume from where it left off the next time you connect. (AU also slows down your connection a lot.) the only time you should NOT turn it off if if it is partway through INSTALLING these updates - and it will tell you this clearly when it does.