I have 20 or so hard drives that have accumulated over the years. We're in the process of moving to a new facility and my boss wants me to index all the drives and create basically a printed inventory of whats installed on them as well as all the Word, Excel, PDF, PPT and image files on each. I have a drive adapter that I can use to hook them up to my system. We also have common network drive where everyone throws everything that I need to index so it can be cleaned up. Ideally, I'd like something that could sort things by file type, create date, mod date, author, etc.
I started to write a PHP app that would dump this into Excel, but I'm wondering if there is anything already out there, preferably open source, that will do the job.

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Hi, i have no idea what you are looking for but would just like to say when i want something i look to , www.google.com .easiest and fasted way i think . good luck

Well, my post sort of explains what I am looking for, at least in general terms. I've already Googled for a solution, but posted here, where people with IT experience share ideas, with the hope someone had already solved a similar problem.
I suppose suggesting a Google search could be a response to every single post on this forum, but it's not terribly helpful.


I found a post on a weblog that recommends a few different programs for what you describe.

I tried JdiskReport (available in multiple platforms too) AND ITS FREEWARE.

Worked on my Mac - worked on our PC. I hope this is helpful to you.

Link to post I found :

URL to download page of the program I selected. The post refers to a few different ones. I picked this because it was free.


Thanks dude u just saved my life here jajjaa my boss asked me to index all the company storage drive... and i forgot to do it and now i have like 6 hours left XD

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