Recently, my NTFS file system became corrupt but fortunately I was able to fix this.

However, I now do not have several functions that I did have before, like the taskbar, copy, cut, paste, move, or even system restore.

I am planning on resetting the pc to its factory settings but first I need to backup. This is quite hard when I can't copy and paste.

I have tried to compress the folder (after I've trimmed it) onto my external hard drive, which has 120GB free. This failed.

I then compressed it onto my hard drive, which worked (even though there's not enough space). I tried to use the command prompt to copy this file to the external hard drive, but it says there's insufficient space, even though the file is 113GB and there's 120GB on the hard drive.

Can anyone help me at all?


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Recently, my NTFS file system became corrupt but fortunately I was able to fix this.

hi, how did you fix it ,??
anywas cant to run a few programs to try a fix .
first is not a program but a windows command ,you may have already done this .
from RUN , type in "sfc /scannow" with out the " and there is a space between C and /, you will need the windows cd to replace missing system files .

then may i suggest ,www.ccleaner .com , to remove tmp files and also clean up registry .
then this superantispyware ,to check for and remove any nasties .the link is in my signature .
Good luck


Thanks for your reply,

The problem is that I don't have a windows cd. The way that I fixed it is shown here.

I already have ccleaner as well, which hasn't helped and I know that there are now viruses trojans etc because I check every few hours.

Thanks anyway for your reply

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