I am using windows Xp home edition. I need to activate the Windows-xp within 30 days. So, to overcome this problem i took the drive backup where i had installed windows Xp. But, when i restore it back in DOS mode the number of days left for activating is not changing.
Suggest any idea idea so that when i backup a drive and restore it back, the number of days left for acivation should not be changed.
Ex: I take the backup when days reamining for activation is say 29. I restore that backup file when days reamining for activation is say 8. When i restore it should show activation time time to 29 days only.

i am using norton ghost for taking and restoring the backup and file format is .GHO (ex: backup.GHO)

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just activate the system. otherwise it is piracy

Microsoft does not provide more than 10 activations. But now acivation limit is over. Thats I need a solution for my problem..... Also I am using licenced version of Windows Xp then how can it be piracy..... :-O


in that case you have to call microsoft, explain your situation and activate by phone.
I have done that quite a few times, and they are quite flexible, if you really purchased the system

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