I did a search on Google for some micellaneous item dealing with engineering. My corporate anti-virus program Symantec, notifed me when I clicked on a link on the Google webpage that the webpage had a virus. It did not identify the virus but it did say that it was unable to clean it or quarantine the virus.

After I re-booted, several odd things started to occur. For instance, when the password window came up and I entered my password, the mouse arrow could not click on "ok". The arrow sort of went underneath the ok bar. After a few attempts of logging in, I was able to click on the "ok" and then WIndows XP would not load all the way. It got stuck on my screen saver but the desk top icons did not load. After trying the safe mode and hitting the F12 key a dozen times or so, I was finally able to load WIndows XP.

I tried scanning and using the Live Update on the Symantec Anti-virus software but neither the scan or the update will work. Next I tried accessing the lavasoftusa webpage and a few other anti-virus and spyware webpages, but none of the pages will load. I get the standard IE message saying,I"Internet Explorer cannot access the page".

Also, if I try and enter a specific virus in the Google window and click on a link, it will not open the link and it will either take me to some spyware page or come up with the IE cannot access the page.

Can you please help me by offering some suggestions? I cannot use my laptop for work until I resolve this issue as I work through our corporate network. Also, our IT Department is the weakest staff known to mankind and all they can offer is to wipe the hard drive clean and start over.

I am new to your site and must say it rocks!

Thank you,


On the Virus /Spyware forum you'll see what has to be done to properly investigare this sort of thing. Seems like you've been whammed by that trojan they were worried about earlier this month for which MS issued an emergency patch for IE.

Anyway, you'll need Administrator privileges to get out of this. frankly your coporate people are right not to tolerate and kludge - hose the disk and start again is sensible corporate policy.

Anyway, if you do gio it alone, file the report in the Virus/Spyware section for proper attention.

Good luck.

just to be sure you get rid of all the junk these chickens can lay on you computer a wipe and reinstall is the best way to go ,for sure