Hey there,,
I know that you guys can usually help me with my computer probs, so here goes again. My pc seems to be randomly rebooting. When it restarts, I get an error message saying that it has recovered from a serious error, something to do with usb problems, but I'm not using any usbs at the moment. The error message is something to do with 'minidump', whatever that is! can you help me please?


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I used to have a similar issue with usb, but that was because of the bus power limit. If you don't have anything plugged in, I would think it is something else though...

I have got no idea...............any suggestions?

Okay here is what to do

go control panel -> system -> Advanced tab -> startup and recovery button

Disable "automatically restart"
Enable "write event to system log" if it isnt already

Next time it crashes a BSOD will be shown. Record the number (0x something) and post it here.

Hi there,

OK...the computer crashed, as predicted but one of my kids rebooted it without getting the BSOD information that you asked for. Is there any other way of finding it out or do I have to wait for it to crash again? It seems to be doing it once a day at the moment.

Froot Loop

Have looked into it a little further and found this logfile under system error log so this is around the time that it tried to reboot last night. It gives this description:

"The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was:
0x000000fe (0x00000005, 0x8485e0e0, 0x10397001, 0x8482cdf8). A dump was saved in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini011309-02.dmp."

Is this helpful?

Froot loop


I've downloaded the hotfix as instructed and run it. Is anything supposed to happen or does it just extract the files and that's it? After I have done that do I need to do anything else before downloading SP3?


Might be a good idea to back up your files and folders before installing SP3 to be on the safe side.

And to run it, isn't one of the extracted files an exe that you need to run? If in doubt, directions here

Thanks. But do I need to do anything else with the hotfix that I downloaded earlier today b4 I download and run SP3? Just want to make sure first!


nope just install the SP and see if it helps.

If you use AVG antivirus, De-install AVG before installing SP3. It causes problems otherwise.

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