If anyone has any ideas about this I'd love to hear them...

Recently i've had to turn off and re-boot my laptop 5 or 6 times before it completes its boot sequence.

I boot up, go through the windows user account password, my desktop appears, all the icons, all the quick launch items, and then a few icons around the time and date appear and then it stops. I can move the mouse pointer and the start menu all appears but if I start an application it simply freezes. The icons which appear near the system clock are AVG, power, volume but it freezed before the network icons appear.

When I try to shut down I click shut down but nothing happens.

I have to hold the power key to get it to shut down.

This process repeats around 5 times until eventually it fully boots up.

I'm thinking it could be something to do with the power as it no longer hibernates at 3%. I have hibernation enabled and the check box is checked for 3% but it doesnt do any critical or even low power warning at 10% - but just reaches 0% and turns off.

Any advice?

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