hello from a geek wannabe: I was trying to help a friend fix her computer, brought it over to my house hooked it up and everything was fine, xp started, I was able to install programs (let me back up--after someone else reinstalled xp on her computer, she got a gateway logo screen then a black screen with a flashing dash in upper left hand corner--that's it, unable to do anything, can't even open the disc drives) computer wasn't picking up the modem, so I removed one from one of my computers installed it on hers rehooked everything and oops back to the black screen. the weird thing is now the computer I took the modem out of won;t start up and there is no power going to the mouse or keyboard. How can I fix this? :eek: :o

this is not meant to be mean just some advice ,i learned the hardway.
You in over your head ,take it to someone with a little more knowlege ,before you brake something .
you should get an older tower at a flea market for learning ,not a friends good computer

My friend's computer was already not working with a black screen before I touched it and it is a third computer in her house so It would be nice for her to get it to work but not essential. also the computer I removed the modem from is an old second computer that my kids use not my main one which. I noticed there were other notices on people not being able to load windows but the replies didn't seem to answer my question because the cd rom isn't working I can't even start up with the recovery disc. I would really appreciate some advice since we don't have the money to pay someone to fix it. Or even if someone could tell me what could possibly be causing the problem--windows or hardware--would be helpful. Thanks :confused:

OK,it could be either hardware or software .start with this ,open the case and remove all addin cards like modem and sound ,ect ect ,unplug the cdrom ,and floppy ,try to turn it on see what happens.?? if nothing ,then take out the video card ,reboot does it sound like it booted up!!.
does the old computer you took the modem out of have a pci video card ,if so try it in the other computer .and a cdrrom you could try
if none of this help ,put everything back in !
lets try ram,does the computer have 2 ram chips, if yes take one out and try to boot up ,if no difference put it back and take out the other cjip .
Let me know what happens .
also if your old computer has a hard drive try it ,disconect the hardrive and put the old one in !

Also i don't under stand in your first post you say that all it gets is balck screen and blinking cursor,and then you say it didn't reconise the modem so you changed it ???

The computer that you took the modem out of...

Did you physically unplug it when you pulled the modem...?
(Or was it simply turned off)

Did you ground yourself by touching a part of the case before handling any components...?

The computer you were fixing...

Does it have the modem built into the motherboard...?

Did you disable it in BIOS

I agree with Caperjack...

Pull everything out of the motherboard card slots except the video card and see if it boots up...

If all you get are a series of beeps... In groups of three... count them they are an error code...

What else did you touch or do if anything...

To avoid confusion split this post into two the one you were fixing for a friend and yours that is now broke...

Trying to troubleshoot two computers in the same thread could cause more problems...

1. the friends computer: She was having theproblem of the screen going black. when I hooked it up everything was working--except modem. Yes the modem is part of the motherboard

2. I don't think I unplugged the computer when I removed the modem--got in a hurry--just had the power off

I will try your suggestions tomorrow, have to work today and I will split the threads when I return, Thanks!!!!