was able to log onto the network yesterday, but today get an error message "The link you are trying to access is unavailable or missing try checking your spelling and try again".
I used the same spelling yesterday in going to the same link, but today have no access, need to fix this asap as need the link for my assessment, I am running windows vista, with a wireless broadband connection.

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Not enough info I'm afraid. Does a URL to anywhere else work?

In any case, tell us whether or not you have connected to your router as an administrator? Are the right green lights on in your router?

As much info as possible.

Yes all the lights on my router are green, I can sort of get in but as soon as I try to do something on their website, mine disconnects, is this a problem with my isp or router or their website, I can access any other website I want. hope this helps. Yes I am the administrator

What I would do is this (without any particular hope of success for that would be too easy):
I would look at the IE block URL list

Likewise my Anti Virus software

Finally at my router's block list

If there was nothing blocking this URL (and if so, how did it happen unless it appeared on the Anti Virus blacklist) I would look in my processes and services (Task Manager, Admin Manager) to see if anything with a funny name is running - i.e. a trojan has been picked up.

If you want to publish the URL on your thread we can see what happens from here (although right is reserved not to go there if it suspected an infection site). You could google the URL to see what experience others might be having.

I went to google to see if it had the green tick from my antivirus, and it does.
I like to shop on this site and it is doing the same thing, here is the URL www.thornapple.co.nz.

I did have to take my notebook into the shop and get some nasties taken off, as I caught on of my sons on an adult site, they had to put my antivirus onto my notebook for me, as it was crashing every few minutes much to my dismay and cost, hence to say I gave the boys my old pc which has no access to the net yet.

Well, needless to say, no problem me getting onto Thornapple.co.nz.

I'm blessed with enough PCs at home to try and sort things like this out by behaviour comparison. Also I have two DSL providers just in case.

Maybe your laptop has been hijacked and you might be advised to post a HijackThis log for further analysis.

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