How good is this one, does it remove SPYWARE, ect?

??? this being the case then, what is the advantage of Spy Bot VS Ad WARE sE as you said NONE of them rid you of this problem?????

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No advantage to one over the other (Ad-Aware/SpyBot), you should have them both, as well as an antivirus program; keep them all updated. Ad-Aware looks primarily for adware, SpyBot for spyware, and antivirus programs for, well, viruses (though the newer versions seem to be looking for some spyware and adware as well).

Getting your Windows Updates regularly and installing SpywareBlaster and SpywareGaurd will also help prevent infections (most virsus are released after the patches have been made available).

In addition to reading the link in post #2, have a look at this one: