My windows internet explorer is very very slow, I remove all temp files every night, I defragment often, I don't have any viruses (well my security says I have'nt) lol, my pc is scheduled to do full system scan everyday, I've tried deleting files and pictures all to no avail.

Recently when there was a internet explorer threat, i installed firefox, so have been using that, and it seems much quicker, but I go to check my mail back on internet explorer, it's the same old problem, takes about 10 mins to load.

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Why can't you check your mails on Firefox? It's a URL after all. I can check web-mail on both.

Are you sure your ISP isn't overloaded on the circuit in your area or there is a fault with your ISP?

Depending on your DSL router, there are behaviour stats that can be obtained.

Im not sure whats happening, but I'll use firefox for the time being.

Check the addons associated/loaded with IE. I'm not sure what version you're using but it is available under: "Tools -- Manage Addons -- Enable or Disable Addons"

Addons can be associated with a sluggish browser.

I am Aditya kumar.
I think u repair ur IE version after that same problem then Unistall & Install update version.
then Remove Complete Cookies , History ,temp, & internet temp Also.


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