hi i'd like to know what is the ebst progarm to keep the pc running in good shape,,a progarm that fix the registry for example,speed up pc,etc.
actually i'm running diskeeper9.0 for defrag and is great,really great
let me know please,thanks

NO program can continually and successfully cope with problems which you, the user, creates! Disregard any advertising hype to the contrary.

Most errors and problems come from one of only a few sources:

* Crappy software. Avoid downloaded 'freebies' and also, where possible, the 'bundled' software which accompanies printers, scanners, cameras etc. Use quality commercial software for best results.

* Internet use. Ditch Internet Explorer and use Firefox, Mozilla or Opera instead! Avoid file-sharing software and actually PAY for movies, music and software. Don't accept files sent from people you don't know. Never click on 'Yes' to install anything you didn't ask for first, and NEVER take any notice of pop-ups which tell you there's something wrong with your system that some ridiculous website thinks they can 'fix'.

* Hardware installation. If you add new components to your system, install it as 'drivers only' first. Onlt use extra software if you absolutely need to. If you REPLACE a component, ensure that the old drivers for the previous component are properly uninstalled first. If you have a major change, such as replacing a graphics card and changing to one which uses a graphics processor made by a different manufacturer, format first!

* Lack of regular user maintenance. You MUST regularly defrag your hard drive, and you MUST regularly use Disk Cleanup and also clean out temporary internet files. You must also keep your system free from the clutter of having unnecessary programs installed. By the way, if you have Windows XP Pro, Diskeeper is unnecessary, because the defrag routine included in Windows is the one from Diskeeper anyway ;)

The best way to keep your PC running in good shape, by far, is to adopt a sensible approach to the things you ask it to do!

well i don't have win/xp pro,i have home edition. i thought there was or there is a trustable program that i can run to prevent crashes,errors,for example i open a thread asking a question about my cd writer http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread17630.html
49 views an no answer.i am not that technical about to fix my pc,and like everybody else we try no to make mistakes.when i found this site very interesting,,i was having problems with internet [java,printing] helloimtim helped me out with a free fix
so thanks anyway

system mechanic is good .. doing all those jobs. but like Catweazle said .. no software is perfect for every user ...

Yes, by far the best assistance you can get is assistance with learning to become 'technical' enough to avoid problems in the first place :)

I have sime suspicions about your CD problem, and have replied with some exploratory questions in that topic.

The OFF switch works better than anything else.

I don't know how we got from the almost crashproof computers (when used normally) of the mid 1980s to this mess.

Actually I think I do know. It was letting remote computers run programs on PCs that did us in.

Actually, a habit of reaching for the 'Off' switch is the CAUSE of a lot of problems.
There are other, far better ways to recover from most situations :D

I didn't mean to shut it off without going through the shutdown routine. I meant to leave it off.



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