I have a 40 Gig drive setup with 98se, I have partition magic so I can create another partition.
Partition Magic wants to setup the new partition before my existing C because I told it I wanted to install XP. I backed out and did not create anything.

Looking for simple instructions on the easiest/best way to do this...

I downloaded the file you refer to for dualboot 98 XP and it will not open in wordpad for 98.

Anyone care to copy it or convert it here.

From what I read all I need to do is make a second partition and fire up the XP install CD and it will do everything for me...

That's definitely all you need to do. Make sure you choose to install XP to the new partition, and the dual-boot menu will be created for you.

Yes...shrink the 98 partition to get some free space to install XP. During XP setup you'll get to a point where the partition info is displayed. One slice, the 98 slice, should be FAT and the other slice should be the free space you created when you resized the 98 partition. Keep track of what size each slice is when you resize the partition so you can be sure to install to the correct partition. Just install to the free space you freed up when resizing the partition and XP should pick up the 98 partition take care of setting up the dual boot menu - if not we can help edit the boot menu to give you 98+XP dual boot menu.

I would love some help with dual boot xp and linux
I had XP installed, created two partitions one for swap and one for linux and installed mandrake ie Redhat 6.0

How do i run a Master running XP Pro and a Slave running 98SE

Thanks for the guide.
It really helped.
Spot on.

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