In any Office 97 application if you go to exit after you have made file changes a pop-up says "Do you want to save the changes" followed by three buttons: "Yes" "No" "Cancel".

Since installing SP4 on windows 2000 my three buttons say "Cancel" "Yes" "OK"
but the functionality of the buttons has stayed the same - ie "Cancel" means yes, "yes" means no and "OK" means cancel!!! (I have a post it note stuck on my monitor with the conversions on there!)

The problem doesn't occur with any other apps - e.g. notepad, Adobe pagemaker.

I have tried re-installing office 97 - no change. I can't prove it was SP4 ... but I didn't do anything else around that time - has anyone else had anything like this problem, or got any suggestions for a fix?

many thanks, photoman ;)

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Is your PC rapidly aging? It rather sounds like early signs of dementia, I think :D

We had considered the conspiracy theory - it is all a deliberate ploy to get me to upgrade Office 97!


I never really had that problem. I've used W2k with SP4 running Office97 and everything was running smoothly until that damn sasser virus destroyed my life :cheesy: then I was forced to upgrade to XP.

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