I am installing a Xerox Color Phaser (has Ethernet) on a Windows 2003 school network. The printer will need to be available to all of the workstations on the network (two buildings). Since the server is running 24/7, I was going to install it on the server and share it across the network. Or, I can install it directly to the network vis the Ethernet port. If it is connected directly to the server and shared, I will not need to load the drivers on every workstation, correct? But, if it was installed directly onto the network (Ethernet port), I would have to install the driver on every computer, yes?

And, assuming the above is true, is it more beneficial to have the printer connected directly to the network?



You are correct in both assumptions. The best bet is to put the printer on the network via the ethernet connection, add the printer to the server, and then share it out. Sharing a printer off the server is easier to administer as well since there is only one queue to worry about.