I have recently reinstalled windows on my dell with the xp cd they gave me and ever since then my internet has been running very slow. I have two computer on my network both dells runnin xp home. the one computer is running just fine so it is not our router, and i checked the ipconfig on the other computer and the adapter is finding an ip adress just fine. I have even played online games and have gotten great ping. When I finally load a page and download something it downloads just fine but actually surfing the net and loading a page on ie is terribly slow. this is not spy ware or a virus b.c the computer is completely clean of everything but aim and ie and the basic windows programs. I cannot understand what could be causing my ie to run so terrible slow. I even tried updating tha firmware of my router but that was also no good. I have checked all the device managers and all my hardware is up to date with drivers from the dell web site. I cannot understand at all what is causing my IE to run so slowly. please help if you can.


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Check the entries in your systemstart-folder:

Start->run->'cmd'->system start. Disable all entries. Then go to the services-folder and disable all the non-microsoft services. Restart your computer and see if it changes your connection speed. I hope these names are correct, since my OS is not in english.


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