Hi, just want to tell you about a new very usable note taking freeware. Not my own, but I very like it and want to help the author to popularize it.

Features Included: Dockable list of notes, Auto-hide feature, Reminders, Quick filtering, Automatic backup, Multilanguage interface, Timestamping, Checklist, Print and more.

Just a description from http://quotepad.info:

Most information entered into your computer notepad is copied and pasted from somewhere. With QuotePad, you can do it with maximum efficiency: just select some text in any application, press Ctrl+Shift+Q and the selected text will be saved to QuotePad together with the URL of the webpage it was copied from.

Thanks! Any comments are very appreciated!

I took the following from the website: QuotePad saves the text selected on the screen without forgetting its source. It could be very useful !!!

We appreciate you share your knowledge, I believe some people really need an app like that one (you know for school, work etc. ...)