go to control panel clic where it says computer mantainance, where it shows like a pie graph, and then on the upper left corner it says system restor or something like that.

hope it helped you a little, if not let me know.

Tomas Lopez

I tryed to go to control panel but i didnt see computer mantance what next

Ok when you go to control panel on the menu on the first column the last option says performance and maintenance clic that and then on the left should appear the system restore option.

Not if Control Panel has been set to Classic View and the Task pane has been disabled it won't ;)

Try my way.

part of my problem is i dont have start

the bar down on the bottom of the page is blank
any other way to get to start?

Reboot into 'Safe Mode'

You do that by pressing the <F8> key repaeatedly during startup, after the inital POST screens are displaying, and before the Windows Logo screen displays. Choose 'Sfae mode' with the arrow keys from the menu of start options, and then log in as Administrator
Let us know afterwards if you get a Start button etc from there.

Please stop creating multiple topics about this. I know it is a stressful situation for you, but multiple topics being answered will lessen the benefit of assistance given. Keep it all in one place.

thanks for you help
i didnt know that the other problems were all the same

in safe mode i only see 3 icons and start is not one of them

tell me what a fresh start is
remember i am not very exper with computers

tell me what a fresh start is
remember i am not very exper with computers

I don't mean this as an insult ,but after reading this thread and helping you in another thread ,i think you should take you computer to a Computer repair shop or a friend /neighbour who know about computers , I think you will get into more trouble that you can handle .Good Luck

Start > Help and support > Undo changes with System Restore

How can I go back to a previous state/hour or even day on Windows 2000 Server without having to use the back-up tape? Windows XP has the System Restore feature, but not in Windows 2000.

Start > Help and support > Undo changes with System Restore

try pressing CTRL+ESC and the same time, this should bring up the start menu... then try what catweazle said.

Hi If no settings were done to go back to a set date, system restore won't revert back to a time needed. How do i get back then if only to a few hours earlier before we lost content in a file?

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