Alright...I hope i can explain my little problem here without confusing anyone because for the most part I am a big dummy when it comes to computers. Lets start by saying that I was, and still am, interested in running a dual boot system on my pc and somewhere along the way I contracted a macro virus and pretty much killed my hard drive. I then went on e-bay and decided to just start from scratch and ended up purchasing a D1675 fijitsu-siemens motherboard that is running a 1.7 GHz processor. I accompanied this with a 400 MHz DDR RAM stick. Well, upon arrival, I received the board with a disc that was for a FlashBIOS update. I think i installed the update corectly considering I no longer get the "CPU patch not installed" message upon bootup anymore. For some reason though...I had to spend 2 days trying to figure out how to use this damn disc for reason being that any dics I use on my D: drive is not being read due to some I/O error. Only reason I know itsan I/O error is cause my error bubble says so. LOL. Anywho...I had to boot this disc from my CDRW (E:) and run it from there. Moreover, I finally installed the damn patch and wanted to put Win Xp on my Seagate ATA 40 GB hard drive and then put some form of Linux on my next Seagate ATA 40 GB hard drive. I say some form of Linux because up until about 2 months ago I thought Microsoft was my only option. LOL. Any ITs' reading this are either closing this thread in disgust or laughing themselves wet in the pants. I guess my problem to date is, aside from my DVD drive not working is the fact that I used my Linksyscd to download the drivers for the internet and I am having some trouble. First off, I am 1 of 2 client computers being hosted by a main computer, that of which belongs to my parents and I am being denied access to the internet cause I am not labeled a current user on their account. Next, when I enter into my Device Manager, I have a tree listed unknown devices. One is Dell A920, which is my printer. I haven't gotten around to downloading my drivers from that disc yet. Another is labeled "Network Controller", (I assume this is where my IE is having problems) and the last one is listed "Universal Serial Bus Controller." If anyone understands what the hell i just explained or possibly needs further explanation, get back to me PPLLLEEEEAAAAASE!