I'm running Window 2000 Pro. I have a 3com ethernet card installed and it's showing up in the device manager, but also in the device manager i'm seeing that the drivers aren't loaded for the ethernet controller. I've uninstalled both devices and reloaded them and i still can't get online. I've also tried a different 3com card and that's not the answer neither. Can someone shed some light on this situation?

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WELL, first you should download the latest drivers for your 3COM Network Card. If you would post your model number maybe I can help you find it. NOW, I am a bit confused when you say Ethernet Controller. Do you have more than one network card installed or maybe your motherboard comes with an Ethernet connection? I am looking at my Device Manager and there is no Ethernet Connection listed under Network Adapters only my network card that is also a 3COM.

I have several 3Com cards and they all work fine. there could be a driver conflict on your machine,. I suggest getting the latest drivers. If that doesnt wrk, then you might have one of several problems. the card is damaged, the OS is corrupted to the point where it cant read drivers correctly (very possible), or the OS doesnt support the card (also very possible).

Haven't got that card in the slot beside an AGP slot have you? They don't work in that one, and in fact you should not really use that slot for anything at all.

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