Hi - any help with this will be much appreciated!!!

My son recently used my PC to register with Yahoo mail and since then I've been experiencing an intermittent problem with my MS Outlook outgoing e-mails. I can receive ok but most times when I try to send e-mails I get a "530 Authentication Required" message telling me to go to Yahoo help for assistance.

It looks like my Outlook e-mails are being redirected via Yahoo (I actually send e-mails via BTOpenworld and never use Yahoo myself)

Has the little ****** done something to unwittingly alter my e-mail settings (he doesn't think he has)? I've checked my Outlook account details and everything (including my outgoing SMTP port number) is unchanged and looks correct. I've also tried deleting my account and recreating a new one but the problem comes back within a few hours.

Like I said it's an intermittent fault (but seems to occur about 95% of the time). If I'm persistent and reboot a few times I end up being able to send my e-mail ok. Aaaarghhh!

Many thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

My first suggestion is to uninstall any of the Yahoo mail files; it appears that these files are conflicting with your email; once done,set all your current email to default; make sure its ok; then reset your own preferences