I have a computer which was running Win 2000. However the installation had become corrupt. I decided to install Win 2000 over it again. However this Windows 2000 installation gets stuck in the middle and will not proceed. I have tried to reintall Win 2000 a dozen times, but it simply is not working. The installation is getting stuck in the middle.
Now I am thinking of installing Win XP over the Win 2000 installation. However the problem is that there is data on the hardisk. I want to know if this data will be lost if I install Win XP over the Win 2000 installation. Will the Desktop of the My Document folders be completely over written and everything will be lost or will XP simply ignore them and leave them intact?

Thanks in advance

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You need to lift the data off the drive, format it and start over.

A refresh install or an upgrade install doesn't always fix things, and in cases like this where the problems are systemic and persistent, such an install can, in fact, make things worse!

Doesn't matter if the stuff will be lost or not (it won't be), the procedure you are contemplating will NOT fix your problem!

Fit the drive as slave in another system (a friend's will do) and copy the data files to CD. Then replace it in your system as master again, format, install clean, and copy your data back.

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