Okay, basically three days ago I tried to sign into my MSN account and it said I had no internet connection when I clearly did because I could get onto other websites etc.

I didn't think much of this, and left it for the day.

I then tried to sign onto my MSN account the next day, and it said my password was incorrect, so I went onto the member page and when I clicked on "Change your password" or "i've forgotten my password" I would get "page cannot be displayed" I tried entering my password 3-4 more times, and I still got the same thing. So some of my friends gave me their working passwords to see if they worked, and I got the same problem. I tried signing into hotmail.com to check my e-mails, and with my accounts and their accounts I still got "page cannot be displayed"

I've had this problem for three or four days now, and its really starting to annoy me! I don't see why all of a sudden, MSN and hotmail decides not to let me in! So any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou :sad:

I don think its your account that has the problem,have you tried logging in from some other computer?
Otherwise,what you can do is go to your internet browser,click on tools and select internet options,then click on privacy and move the slider to accept all cookies.
If the problem still persists then i don think i can help you.
Hope it works though,its a real bugger if you can't read your mails :(