Recently ran into problems with My amilo siemens Laptop, so not a problem I'll just reinstal the O/S. found the disc but upon putting it into the cd drive found it wasn't reading so naturally proceeded to
clean the plastic side of the disk in order that it may read. unfortunatly whilst cleaning the disc I managed to damage the
printed side of the disc which in effect disturbed the silver layer.
Yes you guesed it the dis realy doesnt work now.
so onto Plan B I recalled that I coppied the Windows folder
so all I had to do was copy the folder over the origanal windows folder and replace the documents and settings folder and things should work so I assumed. well talk about dig a hole
when I booted the machine it got so far and then rebooted,
so onto plan C I copied the System32 from my other xp home installation and then proceeded to boot up Yes it worked..... yes there is a BUT whilst the SYSTEM Properties displayed the Siemens Logo
a closer investigation showed that the Product key was from my second xp Home disk and not the Siemens product label so now I have lost my disk and I can not use the Product key that came with the Siemens Amilo laptop.
So now I am thinking that possibly if I could establish which files are used upon Windows xp load up I could get them from my saved windows folder and paste them after I have installed a new installation
using my other Xp Disc.
Is that a workable solution or shall just accept the loss suck it up and move on?
any Guidance would be appreciated.
PS I have got a spade if It is necessary.
Regards rcet

Just contact the manufacturer and have new recovery cd's sent out. That's the easiest solution.

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