Hi all, recently i had to manually recover system restore points since the computer kept restarting on startup. After that i couldn't use the copy and paste functions anymore. Can anyone tell me why?

I've seen this happen when a corrupted DLL is present.

how do i go about finding the corrupt dll?

Make sure you run all the latest updates from Microsoft. In Internet Explorer go to Tools-->Windows Update

You should be running some sort of antivirus if you're not already...McAfee ASaP is cheap and works well.

...you also might want to create a new user account in the control panel and then "User Accounts" make sure it is a "Computer Administrator". Try logging in with a different profile and see if that fixes it. There's a setting on your profile called the "Temp Directory" and if is directed to a folder on your computer which has been deleted or otherwise mucked up I think you could see problems like that. If my memory serves me there was a virus that caused a problem with right clicking but I'm not finding anything about that right now in my searches. Good luck.

thanks for the help that didnt work, my friend just re installed windows instead, thank you all any ways