My IDE hard disk capacity is 160 GB.When i tried to make partition using XP PROFESSIONAL CD it shows to me 130 GB total but when i tried using Windows 2003 SERVER it was 180 GB.
So i made NTFS partitions using 2003 CD like this
C:20 GB
D:20 GB
E:30 GB
F:60 GB
G:12 GB
Unpartitioned 10 GB(for Linux)

But now the problem is I am getting MSG as G drive is full clean it up.When i saw it's properties it took 10GB space though this drive has no data at all.

Then i did whatever i could do as

1) Deleted G drive(12 GB) and mixed with 10 GB unpartitioned which became 22 GB and again i created G rive with 12 GB but still it shows it is almost full.
2) Then i formatted with FAT still it shows
3) Then i did disk check but no error still almost full
4)Then i using 2003 server CD in the boot option i deleted that drive and mixed with unpartitioned and created again G drive with 12 GB but still it shows the same.

What can i do now ?

I believe hard drives are limited to four primary partitions.

However you can have more partitions by using extended partitions.

For example you could have C: as a primary D,E,F & G as extended and the linux partition will be primary.

- Hope this helps

Try a full hdd format under DOS and should fix the problem!