Hello, I just recently installed Windows XP on my computer, completely wiping my harddrive and starting from scratch.

I'm running an AMD Athalon 2100 (1.7 ghz), 512mb Ram, ASUS A7N66 - VM/LAN/AA Motherboard and 120 gig hard drive w/ 8 meg cache.

Since installing Windows XP, my Internet Explorer experience has been hindered. When viewing high motion .gif images, I get white flashes over the image or white bars running up and down the image. Also, when my cursor rolls over an object utilizing 'rollover' effect, my entire browser flashes white and information is very glitchy.

I've tried updating Drivers and Service Packs, but nothing is fixing the problem. I was hoping maybe somebody here could help me, thank you.

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this sounds like a direct x issue what version are you running?

I'm not quite sure, I'm gonna go try and download the newest version.

Is there anyway to figure out which I am running?


odd. i honestly have no clue at this point, try updating your video drivers, also check for video acceraltion


I tried the video driver thing, I think I'm just gonna reboot the computer.

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