I had a spring clean with a happy click finger the other day and used Windows install cleanup / smithfraudfix / ccleaner and a defrag....now I cannot browse to change frontpage,No MS Office enterprise,cant uninstall or install office enterprise as blue screen murders one or the other after 10 minutes ,windows startup sound is bad and corrupted (sounds OK in control panel) oh Jeeezz I am ok to fdisk and start again but feel there is a simpler answer..running xp media center ,sp3 ,and running ok till then ...and all go back files went with windows cleaner so that stuffed me a bit more !! Thaks geeks all is wellcome

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Hi twoyorkie,
The problem I had last week with my Toshiba A100, is not all that disimilar to yours. I had a complete disaster and I had no idea what to do. I new my hard drive and cpu were still ok, just the system itself was awry. From the best advice I got, from this forum and other tech people, the ony way to solve these kind of dilemna's is to do a total HDD recovery. But I must point out, that you DO NOT use any of the Windows based recovery media. First of all if you have the manufacturors supplied HDD recovery disk, this is how you must proceed. (If you don't have one, the computer company will supply one for you at a small fee, down here in OZ for example, if I didn't already have mine, Toshiba would supply one for about $15aus).
First of all you insert the disk into a CD drive whilst the computer is on. Then you shut down.
2/ While holding down the 'C' key, press the power button on a continue to hold the 'C' key until the recovery procedure begins. Let it run it's course. Note, on some systems it may be another key, it might be the zero numeric key and others use the 'R' key. This you'll find out from your HDD recovery instructions.
3/Once your recovery has finished, the computer will be back to it's original configuration. A word of warning! DO NOT use the Windows back utility prior to doing the HDD recovery. Instead, copy all your important documents, pictures etc. onto a CD or CD's and reinstall them later. Any software you might have installed after purchase, should be reinstalled from their origonal disks. If you downloaded any software, you'll have to do it again. (Sorry about that part, but it's the only sure way, it will also help you to discover what screwed your computer in the first place.)
I hope this well help, cheers.

commented: thanks ,,,,last resort though...!!!! +3

Well the advice by puddlejumper is as good as a clean format...Why don't you try doing a 'system restore', it won't be of any harm but may get things back to normal...

commented: nice try ,no goback check points !!! +3

Thanks puddlejumper and godsp3ed......I think a fdisk moment is coming up and Go-back files do not exist after my clean-up venture ....shame you can't repair windows files without stuffing all the other important bits eh ?...or can you ??

this might help "system file checker" , go to start /run/ type in SFC /scannow ,note there is a space between the C and the /, you will likely need the windows cd in to replace the missing or corrupt system files

commented: thanks for the tuition +3

this might help "system file checker" , go to start /run/ type in SFC /scannow ,note there is a space between the C and the /, you will likely need the windows cd in to replace the missing or corrupt system files

Many thanks Caperjack ,never heard of that command.....anyway,did as you said and it got half way through the check files and blue screened.....did this twice ....so I think I have no option no but to start again ........its ok unless I want to do something other than surf or get emails ......so I will hang out a couple more days in case of a solution

well this morning the PC (Toshiba sattelite p25) decided that it had had enough and refused to boot to windows ,showing blue SOD before a loggon......so sadly .....here we go again .....format etc ....thank god for foxmarks(Xmarks now) but will have to fight with new hotmail to outlook express settings !! thanks guys for your help

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